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Do you want to stop paying for Search Engine Optimization consultant fees and self manage your SEO in-house? If the answer is yes, then discover our in-house corporate SEO training techniques!

 We train staff to have a full understanding of SEO. This includes: 

  • Use of the best tools for keyword research.
  • How best to set objectives for website and blog expansion into a timeline.
  • Setting up a custom checklist to audit your on-site SEO.
  • Install and monitor tracking and conversion tools.
  • Learn to be effective in link building
  • Optimize videos and infographics for use as backlinks.
  • Examine Digital Marketing techniques to expand the time spent on your site.
  • Learn that the key secret to success in SEO is finding the passion for sharing new content as an authority for your chosen keywords. And as you improve your website and expand it you will be tweaking image names, H1 to H2 tags, title and meta tags, and many more things!
  • Discover ethical, white-hat, organic ways to move bad press and negative content.
  • Define how to rank for local data centers in different languages - Example: Google.ch in French or Italian.
  • See how PDF document creation depends on SEO techniques for success.
  • Learn how to improve your organic results based on tweaking the date of updates.
  • See how the use of dedicated event small sites and/or blogs can give you added top ten results.
  • See how correctly worked social media can lead to, per example, live Twitter feeds in google.com results.
  • Find out a lot more - With all topics and case studies detailed in step by step PowerPoint slides!

A. Blum Localization Services | About Us:

Since June of 2016, our Palo Alto SEO Company - A. Blum Localization Services is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. We provide in-house corporate SEO training across California. Our training packages range from basic to advanced level Search Engine Optimization. ​Classes are given by Ardan Michael Blum, founder, and CEO of our Palo Alto SEO company.


We train non-SEO staff to take control of their digital marketing (to manage their blogs and sites with organic SEO). We offer PPC management, online reputation management, and social media marketing training for all classes! 


We charge 175 per hour. This is a limited time offer. Our rates will go up in the summer of 2020. Find out how our Palo Alto SEO company will help you set up office-wide SEO standards: Reserve a no-obligation 15-minute demo!​ 


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"Stop outsourcing your SEO and
allow us to train your team!"

 - Ardan Michael Blum, CEO